The main point of this blog is educational gaming; however there are other sides to any person and one of the other sides to myself is photography. Around November of this past year I decided to make the move from traditional film photography into digital photography. This was partly an economic move, film costs money to develop and to purchase. So after some research I purchased a Cannon Rebel XT, 8MP camera a 70-300mm telephoto zoom lens, an 18-55mm kit lenses, and a few other odds and ends. When Matthew started playing soccer in the spring season I decided to try my hand at shooting his teams pictures. I had shot action on film before but not with a telephoto and not on digital. I was amazed at my results, and so where many of the parents who started asking me for copies of pictures. It honestly became a hassle, so in a move to simplify my life a little I opened a business taking pictures at games. A little more research and I found a web-hosting service that fit my needs: 1- easy to use for the customer. 2- easy to set-up for me. 3- I can set my own prices. 4- The customer can buy directly from the site. 5- I don’t have to handle the prints. 6- It fit my budget. The company was SmugMug, So with a little web know how I customized my SmugMug site, registered a url and created Remember this all started because I wanted to be a better photographer. I honestly figured that people would look but not buy but just in case I set a pricing structure and started learning how to take sports shots. I watched my site stats and was encouraged, people were looking and that was enough for me. Then it happened…someone actually bought photos. They were delighted with the pictures and talked to me about them at one of the soccer matches. It encouraged me more than I could have imagined.Word got around that I did pictures, a couple from my community asked me to shoot their wedding, another young lady asked me to shot the christening of her child. I agreed to do both, of the two the christening is my favorite. The pictures were good, the little girl was beautiful and her Mommy had once been a student of mine in a Sunday school class. I enjoyed the wedding too, but I learned that they are a lot of work, and that to do it right you need two photographers going all the time.I am wrapping up my current project; action shots of the Valley Rockets football and cheerleaders. The regular season is officially over but we were fortunate to make playoffs. This past weekend was the homecoming game and a new experience for me, shooting under stadium lights!All of these events have made me a better photographer along with a good deal of reading and discussion on forums like The thrust of this category will be on the tools and techniques used and the lessons learned in photography. Please join in with comments.

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