Tuesday, May 20, 2008

One Light DVD Trailer now online

The video was enough to peak my interest, like many photographers I am looking to go to the next level. According to Zack Aria's site the DVD will cover:

1) Exposure Variables (Aperture, Shutter Speed, Flash Power, Flash to Subject Distance, and ISO)

2) Gear - Flashes (Hotshoe and Alien Bee), stands, triggers, modifiers, etc. How they all work together.

3) Shooting - Follow along with 4 individual shoots indoors and on location as well as shooting a 4 piece band. The band was added specifically by request of folks on the OneLight forum who wanted to see shooting more than one person with one light.

4) Workflow - Working the images in Lightroom.

5) An “interview” with Zach. This will be an Easter egg. You’ll have to find it rather than “sit through it”.

Price is starting around $250 as an introductory price for the first few weeks and then move to around $300. The projected release date is currently July 1st.