Friday, January 2, 2009

Creativity and Invention for Digital Photographers with David Julian

3-Day Program: $475February 13-15, 2009
This workshop is for photographers at all levels who want to make images that reveal their imagination, passion and vision. We will explore many new ideas and digital techniques to enhance your creative abilities. Empowering your existing skills, experimentation and the best uses of Photoshop's most powerful tools will be our focus. Preparation, composition, symbolism, emotion and craftsmanship will also be discussed as the heart of great images.
To spark some inspiration, we will first review images collected from around the globe, discussing their uniqueness. We will also discuss your interests, and how you might take them to the next level. Using Photoshop's powerful layers, masks, selection and adjustment tools, you will see how to create more polished and powerful images, whether they be perfected camera captures or multi-layered montage. Bring along any materials and digital projects you want to share, discuss, explore or refine. Participants will receive a CD and booklet to increase their learning beyond the workshop. This workshop is designed for participants familiar with Photoshop's basic tools, but who desire deeper knowledge and control. Whether you are a dabbler or a working professional, you will find this unique workshop inspiring and rewarding.
This workshop includes:
projected slideshows of global artists' images review of essential Photoshop power tools projected technique and workflow demonstrations generating ideas from actual input or divine accident image composition for single capture and multi-image artworks using symbolism for power, emotion and message how to create and prepare image elements merging multiple images for montage creating depth, realism, surrealism