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Photography Posing Secrets - Photography Tips and Guide

Passive Income Business Opportunities - A Fool Proof Wealth-Building Method to Financial Security

by Jennifer Dudley

Passive income business opportunities are highly sought after, and believe it or not, passive income ideas are not hard to come up with. And because of our sick economy, (which has left 50 million people world wide jobless) finding a way to earn supplemental income or a way to replace a six figure income is on the minds of millions, from Charlotte the housewife to Cindy the CEO no one's exempted.
Read below as we offer a few ways you side step financial destitute to create financial security.
Here are a few ideas to get you started
Write a book. When you write a book and get it published, you continue to get money every time your book is purchased. Some people are very successful going this route and end up being set for life. Remember, however, that writing a book is time consuming and there's no guarantee that it will become popular or even that you will get published.
Buy Real Estate. If you can snag a good property, you can rent it out and make a very consistent recurring income profit every month in the form of a rent check. Of course, you'll need some capital, or at the very least, excellent credit, to do something like this. Don't forget, repairs and problems with the house will be your problem.
Get a TDA. Time Deposit Accounts are kind of like savings accounts with higher than normal interest rates. They're one of those true continuous income ideas, because all you do is stick the money into an account and earn money off of it continually. Unfortunately, in this day and age, finding a high yield TDA is very difficult, which means you need a greater amount of money to see substantial passive income. You'll also need to make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the particular TDA you choose.
These are just the basics to making passive income. All business ideas can be likened to a three legged stool. To truly create recurring/passive income, you will need to understand 2 other wealth creation principles.
Fortunately, one of our leading most noted authorities on passive income business opportunities Robert Kiyosaki released a new book titled "The Business of the 21th Century' he explains why a passive income business is not only a solid and sound business method but it's now' a critical NEED for creating financial security in today's economic turbulent times.

About the Author

My name is Jennifer Dudley and I've been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, working from home for the last six years. In that time, I've gained a huge amount of knowledge aboutthe psychology, habits and mental attitude that's needed to become successful in business...We've highlighted a few of the wealth principles click here...


Wild and Wonderful

I put this calendar together using some of my favorite images of West Virginia.  I plan to release one of these each year in the fall.  Let me know what you think of it and which images grab you the most.

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Useful Tips For Good Digital Photography

Taking a digital photograph has its moments. You do have to understand how to get the best photograph whenever you have the camera ready in your hand. Well, you do need to practice and check out a couple of times before you finally master the art of clicking photos with digital photography.

Handling and Holding of the camera – you do need to learn to handle and hold the digital camera in the most suitable manner. When you are handling the camera, your spare fingers should not move or shake. The camera straps could be safely entangled within your fingers so that they do not hinder with your photo shooting process. The optical view finder should be in level to your eye, thus ensuring you get to capture the best view of your subject and a stable photograph.

Focusing - Do remember that most digital cameras do take extra time to focus. To begin with you do have to half click the shutter button, till a focus bracket is visible and then proceed with clicking the photograph with a full click on the shutter button. In most normal conditions a slight shake of your hands will be taken care of by the digital camera. In case of low light wherein you need to use a long zoom lens along with a slow shutter speed, you need to make use of a tripod which works best in reducing the hand shakiness and blurring of the image.

Preview – The definite advantage you enjoy over a film camera is availing the preview feature which is incorporated in the digital cameras. With almost instantaneous view of image on the camera screen, you can review it and re-shoot it if you are not happy with the final image. Thus, each time you click, you can always review and re do the shoot till you get the best shot for yourself.

Storing – You have clicked near perfect pictures but make sure you transfer them on to a CD or a hard disk before you clear the memory card. In case of loss or spoilage of the memory card, you will find extremely hard to retrieve these images. Also you by transferring these images to another storage space, you can reuse the card a couple of times over. It pays to keep an alternate memory card handy.

Batteries – Before you venture out on your photo session, it would be advisable to recharge your batteries well. A spare set of charged batteries should be always kept handy, for you never now when you could need them. In case you have access to electricity, you could always keep a battery charger with you which will allow you to charge them as frequently as you wish. Make sure you make just use of your digital cameras when on a photo shoot for you do need to complete the photo shoot rather than exhaust your batteries half way leaving you in a lurch amidst the photo shoot.

It would be great if you prepare for your photo session well in advance, acquire basic knowledge of digital photography and keep trying till you finally master the art of digital photography.
About The Author
Tips for Digital Photography : Digital photography is intriguing and interesting. With many aspects to digital photography such portrait photography, wedding photography, you need to keep yourself on each of them to gain due expertise.

Know More about Wedding Photography
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How to Take Great Flower Photos

I know that many out there want to improve their photography in one aspect. Flower photography. With gardening as popular as it is this shouldn’t be a surprise. Flower photography while looking like one of the simplest forms of photography can quickly become one of the most difficult. Here are a few tips for you. (Keeping in mind that basic good photography skills are always used.)

1. Soft diffuse light. Today it’s very overcast outside, and if there were any flowers  in bloom today would be the perfect day for capturing some great images. Soft diffuse light enhances color saturation, so if you wondered how or why pro photographers flower images seem so deep in color this is one of the reasons why. (There are exceptions to this rule. I do some flower photography is bright or dappled sunlight but I’m usually trying to get an effect of light passing through the petals.)

2. Slow film speed. 200 speed or less. The slower speed films have greater detail and for flowers you’re going to need to get close anyway and you want the nice sharp detail of a slower speed of film. I use 100 speed for my flower photography.

3. Tripod. Use one for this type of photography. Set up your shot, get everything in sharp focus, and then shoot. A tripod will keep your camera from moving on you and allow you to get the sharp detail you will need.

4. Look for great colors, a flower in full bloom next to a budHealth Fitness Articles, and don’t shoot on windy days. Keep contrast and color in mind at all times and try different compositions each time you take a shot.

Flower photography can be a lot of fun especially if the flowers are your own.

If you have some specific questions please visit my Photography and Design Forum at: and post your question there.

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Copyright 2005 Kelly Paal
Kelly Paal is a Freelance Nature and Landscape Photographer, exhibiting nationally and internationally. She owns her own business Kelly Paal Photography ( She has an educational background in photography, business, and commercial art. She enjoys applying graphic design and photography principles to her web design.

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Canon 60D

By now you have heard that Canon is releasing the 60D next month. I took a look over the stats for this little gem. The new 60D has an 18 mega-pixel resolution, full HD video, a flip out screen and used SD memory cards instead of CF cards. All of this in a body that will most likely sell at right around $1000.00 US. Not bad, in fact I may have to consider upgrading. I use a Canon 40D now.  A move to the 60D would be a good one for me.

I do however see a lot of folks who bought the 7D being upset.  Both cameras use the DIGIC 4 sensor and both have the 18 mega-pixel resolutions.  Both can go above 32000 ISO.  In a quick comparison I only found two features on the higher priced 7D that the upcoming 60D doesn't have.  The 7D has a higher frame rate and more focus points.  With only a $400.00 US price difference I can see where the early adopters of the 7D are going to be crying into their wallets.  Its a great camera but.

Their World..not ours!

Lets get this conversation started.  I created this blog as a place to air my opinions on education today.  I am not griping about any particular educational system but at the entire community.  I feel entitled to grip as I am a member of that community and I see a need for change.  Watch the video and hit the comments.  I want to know what you think.

Has the world changed or is it still the same?  I feel it has changed.  I feel that we are failing this generation by using outdated, antiquated methods of education.  I think the video hits that point home.

The Everyday Photographer - Nikon vs Canon

The great debate...what brand of camera do I use?

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Productive Online Marketing Depends Upon a Reasonable Budget

I am sure your quest for internet viral marketing has come to an end as you read this article. Yes, gone are those days when we have to search endlessly for internet viral marketing information or other such information like Leads for MLM, Marketing internet business, internet marketing strategy implementation and practice or even auto internet marketing. For more details go to: Even without articles such as this, with the Internet all you have to do is log on and use any of the search engines to find the internet viral marketing information you need.

Productive online marketing depends upon a reasonable budget. There actually is a good deal of truth to the old adage that you have to spend money to make money. By budgeting wisely, you will be able to get the greatest advantage from the money you do spend on marketing and promotion.
The foundation upon which any Net-based business must be based is the best online marketing plan and program. Armed with the best online marketing plan and program you will be able to realize more profits from your business venture. To this end, there are four steps that you need to take in order to make more money with online marketing, four steps to create the best online marketing plan and program and more profit as the result.
There is no one great online marketing ebook. The truth is that there are several. Some are better than others but different in their own way. Some online marketing eBooks will show you how to create a profitable website in under one day. Others will show you how to use cheap advertising to make money.
Unlike many people out there, don't forget that even if this article related to internet viral marketing doesn't cover all the basics you wanted, you can always take a look at any of the search engines like for more internet viral marketing related information.
Unfortunately, we find the suitable consultant from the web by doing search on the search engines, but if their consulting fee is very high, what should we do? Should we avail its services or not? We know today, outsourcing of an IT services in India is going at a high rate. For help visit: Why not we find our consultant from some other countries like India. For this reason, yesterday I was searching an online marketing consultant in India who provides cheap online marketing services. I looked at many websites.
Online marketing has influenced a number of industries that includes banking, finance, music and marketing itself. Online marketing is gradually increasing fields and as online is becoming more and more popular among the users, it will definitely make an impact on plethora of industries.
An online business marketing plan can simply be defined by creating an e-presence -- more commonly known as an electronic or online presence. Business can market their presence on the web in a number of ways including web sites, blogs, email, articles, and various forms of advertising and brand awareness. Why would a business worry about creating an e-presence?
Many folks seeking online for articles related to internet viral marketing also sought for articles about online business opportunity
, E-book making moneyPsychology Articles, and even internet marketing tool.

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School Message Down Under

This message..or one of its variations came to my attention.  I have to admit I rather enjoyed it.  I hope you do as well.

Some truth in what they are saying.  Supposedly this came about due to the implementation of a policy that made parents and students responsible for the students absences and missing assignments.  According to the original video I saw the parents have sued the school to have the students failing marks changed to passing even though the students were absent 15-30 times during the grading term or complete enough school work to pass.

I seriously doubt an educator would have posted this but still its worth a laugh and a thought.

Answer Machine Message From Queensland Maroochydore High School

This message..or one of its variations came to my attention. I have to admit I rather enjoyed it. I hope you do as well.Some truth in what they are saying. Supposedly this came about due to the implementation of a policy that made parents and students responsible for the students absences and missing assignments. According to the original video I saw the parents have sued the school to have the students failing marks changed to passing even though the students were absent 15-30 times during the grading term or complete enough school work to pass.I doubt it is real but worth the laugh.

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Ultimate Lifestyle Design: How Are You (Wasting) Spending Your Time?

by: Makenzie Kelly

As an avid Lifestyle Design fanatic, I have to admit, I have been bugging all of my Facebook and twitter friends about this topic. I ask them, Which would you rather have? Time or Money? To which 99% reply, they’d rather have more TIME.

So my follow up question is, What is standing in the way of your ability to get more TIME? To which they all respond: Money or My Job. So it seems to me that most people draw the conclusion that inevitably TIME = MONEY. But is this really true?


As I write this post, my wonderful father will be retiring in less than a week after having “served” the phone company for most of his adult life, 39 years to be exact. Started as a lineman and worked his way up into important management positions. I am so proud of my dad for making the decision to retire. They are financially secure and will have their house paid off in less than 2 months! A monumental undertaking!

I said to him, “You know, you’re the last of a dying breed.” He acknowledged and said that not many who retire after him will be receiving a pension and excellent benefits. This represented a major turn in our country’s work history going from Defined Benefits (Pensions) to Deferred Contributions (401Ks and the like). I guess my dad was one of the lucky ones, but he certainly did sacrifice a lot to get to this reward. But I do also know that part of him is terrified, not because of the money, but NOW, what does he do with his TIME??

What will be my reason to wake up in the morning?

“Kenz, [my dad’s nickname for me] I just don’t know what my reason for waking up in the morning will be if I don’t go to work.” Ugh! Just pulls at my heart strings, and of course, I mention 101 things he could do aside from he and my mother trying to kill each other for spending too much time together.

Retirement depression is so common among new retirees, that AARP addresses this issue on their website. Part of me is fearful that my dad will end up one of these statistics. These are some of the things that they mention that can curb retirement depression:

• What do I want to do? (Go back to school? Be a gourmet cook or master gardener? Start your own business?)

• Who do I want to do it with?

• What resources do I have?

• What resources would be available in a new community if I choose to relocate?

• How can I make this happen?

Now hold on a second… When I read this list, I was flabbergasted!! Why are we not doing this NOW? Why don’t we ask ourselves these very reflective questions today? Do we have to wait until we retire old to ask ourselves these questions…especially this one: How can I make it happen?

Opportunity Cost

I recently read a great book by a wonderful Author, Tisa L. Silver, MBA entitled The Time Value of Life. Tisa was an esteemed finance professor at the University of Delaware’s Alfred E. Lerner College of Business and Economics, and unlike many professors, takes a different (read: refreshing) approach in her view on money. In her book, she looks at several factors that play into the time value of money and then also explains why our time is so precious.

I obviously agree with her argument that, money is a renewable resource and time is not, “Time can be spent but only money can be replaced” (Silver). And one interesting concept that relates to both time and money is “Opportunity Cost.” In money terms, if you invest in a bond or other investment, you’re giving up your money for a certain period of time for someone to use it, and you forfeit any other benefit that you may have received by using that money in other investments (or to spend on yourself).

Time works the same way. There is an opportunity cost to time. When we spend our time being angry we are forfeiting our time that we could be using being joyous, happy, silly, or even indifferent. Even more deliberate than that, when we choose to spend our time doing what we feel is an obligation rather than a choice; we forfeit our time to do what we choose.

So there are choices with how you spend your time, every minute you spend holds an opportunity cost. Where and how are you spending your opportunity minutes?

If Only’s and Once I’s

Do you do this? Do you wish for something so badly and then once you get it, the result did not make you feel the way you thought it would?

Silver calls these fallacy statements, I call them “If Only’s and Once I’s”. We have all been victim of these statements. I remember my husband early in our marriage would say, “Once I become a police officer then everything will be alright, and I’ll be happy…finally.” Take a guess at what happened. Yep, he was the same person, no more or less happy!

Do you say this to yourself?

• Once I get that really nice sports car, then I’ll feel good about myself.

• If only I had more money then I’d be happier.

• Once the kids get older, then I’ll have more free time.

Fallacy statements do not allow us to spring into action, instead we wait for the “perfect timing” of an occurrence, or we wait for the occurrence to happen to us rather than go after it. We give up our power to be present in the NOW when we use fallacy statements. We would rather focus on wishful future events, rather than appreciate what we have in front of us.

How DO you Trade your Time?

I know what is true for me that I make a horrible employee, and prefer entrepreneurship. But I know a lot of people that LOVE their jobs and they make great employees, this is how they choose to trade their time, for money, and I think that is wonderful! I am not in the business to tell people to quit their jobs.

For these, the opportunity cost is a fair trade. They love what they’re spending their time doing at work, and gladly collect money for doing it. In fact, time seems to breeze by, they feel free in their life, and they don’t necessarily feel their time is being sucked dry.

There are, however, far more people that are miserable, hate their jobs and the opportunity trade off does not seem fair in their book. So then what?

The Timing is Never Right

You have options about how to spend your time, good and bad. If you’re spending it in a way that is not consistent with a fair opportunity trade, then you have a choice to change it. Sometimes it seems impossible, but you do have choices.

One of my favorite reads, The Four Hour Work Week, by Timothy Ferriss, tackles this very issue of deciding when the time is right. He describes the time he asked his mother about how she timed when she would have a baby, to which his mother responded, “We figured we would do it at some point, the timing is never perfect to have a baby”.

I can certainly attest to this one…and not just one baby, two! My older son was a surprise package when we least expected him, and our younger son came right before I was starting our mega venture business. The timing was so wrong for both of them, but if I waited until it was right, I likely would have no kids!! Yet I survived and realized that my worst case scenarios never usually manifest.

So with this in mind, are you waiting for perfect conditions to change? Are you waiting for someone else to tell you what to do you get your act in gear? You can do it the Band-Aid method, make it fast, and let it hurt for a few minutes until the stinging stops. Or like jumping into a cold pool, it is numbingly shocking, but then you warm up to it.

Every Day Opportunities

While my dad was one of the “lucky” ones to retire with a pension, he sacrificed a lot of time to get him to where he is at today. In fact my mom will argue that he was a work-a-holic. He did not know any different, it was in his programming. He is now faced with a totally foreign challenge, and that is to learn to have, do or be what he loves! Yet, what he did not realize all a long, is that he could have chosen that path every day!!

Which path are you on? One that misuses your opportunity cost? Or one to HAVE, DO and BE whatever you desire?

About The Author
Makenzie Kelly is an entrepreneur who recently retired from a Multi-Million dollar business and gave up a 6-figure salary to have more Time and Freedom! She blogs about the idea of Ultimate Lifestyle Design, her Entrepreneurial Experiences, and helping others along the path to finding Purposeful Time!
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Who are you?

Who are you?  No seriously...who are you?  We often time create our identity from the labels that people place upon us.  In other words we take the names for certain groups and then we apply these to ourselves.  Using those terms we create an idea of who and what we are based upon the expectations of the people that make up our peer group.  As we get older we often find ourselves doing the same thing, only now the peer group is replaced by a work group or some other group.  For example you might ask the CEO of a business who they are and they may tell you that they are a business person or an entrepreneur.  The check-out clerk at the grocery store may tell you that they are a college student or they may tell you the name of some other social group.

However did they really answer the questions?  I didn't ask what they did for a living I asked who they are.  I didn't want to know what they did I wanted to know who they are.  If you press someone then they may think a bit deeper but the answer will likely be some other social group. 

Let me challenge you to ask yourself the same question that I started this article with, WHO ARE YOU?  Only when you answer the question you are not allowed to use your job title or your name.

Every morning when I brush my teeth I see this guy in the mirror and I wonder who he is.  I wonder if he has a clue who I am.  As I go through my day the simple question of who I am will resurface.  Until recently I was always able to answer that question with a simple answer.  At first it was I'm a student, then it was I was a Director.  It became I am an instructor, then one day it was an administrator.  One day it was a photographer another it was a step-father, another it was a son.  As I thought on this I realized that our interpretation of who I am is always shifting.

That gave me pause, then I realized that I was only applying labels from other people and other groups onto myself and trying to live with-in their constrains.  What I had always taken to be my identity was in fact descriptors, they were not who I was as much as they were what I did.  Your identity is not what you do it is who you are.  If you really want an answer for this question then you have to look beyond what he world expects of you, what hte job expects of you.  you must look deep inside yourself to find out who you are.

I caution you though, it is not easy and once you do so you will begin to question your place in the other roles you once used to define yourself.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Podcast Update

Just wanted to drop a quick note, some of you may have read the post from the other day.  

Frustrations with the podcast.  I was able to take some time this weekend and resolve the issue.  Well not actually resolve but I was able to get my podcasts off the phone and into to computer.  They have been processed and uploaded to the casting site.  All is good and right in the world.  Look forward to your feedback on the casts.

Talented Find! - Gavin Hoey

 As with many days I went to my reader with the hopes that something might strike a cord with me.  Well it did, over on fstopers I found a great video on splash photography and was enjoying that when I spotted another DIY on how to shoot water popping out of a bottle.  This particular gem was created by Gavin Hoey.  Gavin's no-nonsense gear and approach struck a cord so I had to see more of his stuff.  I found the video below on how to shoot with a background that explains feathering of a light.

I then went on to explore Gavin's blog and other videos for a bit.  I think you will find his approach interesting and simple.  One of the things I liked was the use of simple cheap gear and a strait forward explanation.  This is definitely the kind of photographer I like to see.  1 - Willing to share 2 - uses inexpensive gear 3 - creates professional quality images.  Check him out at the link Gavin Hoey.

Creating Passive Income from Ad Campaigns

by Filiberto Simon

Having a wellness home business is a very profitable area to be in for entrepreneurs. In the wellness industry you have the options of direct sales, tradeshows, flea markets, multi-level marketing, affiliate memberships, and even ecommerce. What you may not realize is that you can create quite a bit of passive income from ad campaigns for your wellness home business. Here are some tips to help you with this area of potential income from your wellness home business.
To be successful with an ad campaign, you must first have a website of some sort that provides the wellness products or services that you are offering. You can even have a website that has pictures from your tradeshow exhibitions and flea market booths.
Perhaps you sell directly to people in your area and not online at all, a website with your business information and list of your products is very helpful to have for clients.
Once you create your ecommerce site or business website, you will need to set up an account to place ads on your site. It is fairly simple to set up your account and verify all of your information. Once the account is set up, you will go to the area to create the ads. You can select sizes, colors, picture ads, text ads, and even a combination of pictures and text.
Once you have made all the appropriate choices on the ad campaign account, you will be taken to a page that provides the script to run the ads. Copy this script and save it in a TXT file on your computer. Either paste the script at the top of your pages yourself or have your programmer do this for you. The scripts are designed to pick up the content from each page and place complimentary ads that will draw the attention of your visitors.
Each time an ad is clicked on by your visitors, you will be making a passive income from ad campaigns for your wellness home business. You can also set it up so that you have a search box on your site and each time a visitor searches, you will receive passive income.
Next, you will want to develop content for your website. Remember the more pages you have on your website with these ads, the more chances you have of visitors clicking them to generate a passive income for you. It literally is all about the numbers when it comes to this type of passive income. A site that has 200 pages is going to have 200 to 600 ads for the whole site and one that has 4 pages is going to have 4 to 12 ads for the whole site.
You have a greater chance of a visitor clicking ads with more ads. One way to create content for your site is to provide short and interesting articles that compliment your wellness products or services. You can do this even if your site is a business site. You will develop a reputation of providing useful information and knowing about the industry as well as additional pages to place ads on your site for potential clicks.
The final step in creating a passive income from ad campaigns for your wellness home business is getting the word out that your site is on the internet. You can use forums, word of mouth, and link backs to successfully do this. You do not want to use programs or groups that pay members or give members credit points to visit your site because this will void your ad campaign.

About the Author

Want to find out about flying fox bat, groundhog hunting and other information? Get tips from the Interesting Animals website.


Wild and Wonderful

I put this calendar together using some of my favorite images of West Virginia.  I plan to release one of these each year in the fall.  Let me know what you think of it and which images grab you the most.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Digital Photography Classes Made Easy!

Mastering your camera can be a long hard slog or it can be a fun and in many cases a profitable stroll. Everything relies on how you figure out how to do the shot. Digital photography classes provide the answer that most of us are searching for.

Here's the situation…

The majority of us buy a new camera - we open the box - read only enough of the manual to learn how to turn it on and then we start shooting away!

The problem being, that with no formalized, systematic learning, we generally wind up just placing the camera on its automatic settings and figuring that's "adequate!"

It is not good enough!

True the camera on its plain programmed settings can do a plausible job in straightforward, basic conditions, but there is a whole new, creative world out there that we are missing!

To maneuver past the snapshot phase - where we check out our snapshot one time and "file it away" never to get seen again - to getting photos that get others to exclaim "WOW"… We unquestionably have to take the camera off autopilot and begin controlling the blasted thing.

That's when we start our trial and error, random strategy of attempting to figure out all the assorted knobs, dials and buttons. Some we are going to learn to understand, some we'll get a totally WRONG comprehension of, and other options we won't ever even know exist.

The dreadful news is…

Using this trial and error line of attack, we end up with huge holes in our photography instruction. It isn't that we aren't wise enough to understand, it's that we just do not know enough of what creative methods are achievable to ask the proper questions.

There IS an easy solution…

Take a formal course. In this way, the lessons are laid out in a systematic coherent manner that should plug all the holes in out an unplanned education. It's surprisingly effortless and quick!

We do not have to register in a degree program, there are tons of low priced web based courses where we can get the required information on our own schedules and at our own pace.

When seeking a web based course, don't shy from a course that starts at the very basic beginnings. It's amazing how few people truly comprehend the basics.

Two areas to stay away from initially…

Don't bother with the free "101 tips" style information. That tends to be just more of the an unplanned training we try to avoid. AFTER you finish your systematic digital photography classes, THEN is the best time for 101 tips type of thing.

Avoid courses that cost many hundreds dollars…

There's a lot of - excellent - courses that cost hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars. For the most part, they are going to be far too involved for what most of us need. You can get into one of those in case you later decide you wish to turn pro or really get into advanced techniques.

Like Goldilocks, you too can find online digital photography classes that are "perfect for you!"
About The Author
To learn more about Digital Photography Classes, and to get a FREE copy of my new e-book:

"7 Secrets To Creating Stunning Photos!"

Check out my website at:
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Creative Photography - 3 Experiments to Try

Photography isn’t all about shooting sports, weddings, or birthday parties.  This article introduces you to three photography experiments that anyone can try to help you become a better and more experienced photographer.

hough many people don’t realize it, photographs are a vastly flexible art medium. There is absolutely no reason you should ever feel limited to shooting what’s in front of you or documenting reality. Like with any art form, there is lots of room to influence and create your own unique photographs. So, let's talk about several fun things you can do with your pictures that you may not normally consider.

1.Find a New Angle
One of the most common things done in photography is the eye or head level height in which photos are taken. While it makes sense why most photos are taken at head level, it may not be the best angle for what you're trying to shoot.

Take a day and shoot pictures entirely from the ground or knee level and see how the different height will completely change your pictures. If you’re feeling really lucky, try shooting entirely from your hip without double-checking the focus or the framing – you may end up with a lot of throw-away images, but you also might end up with something you could have never captured with a traditional method of shooting.

2. Push Your Film
All film has a recommended development time at any given temperature. For example, when developing 400 speed film in 70 degree chemicals, you would need to soak the film for 7 minutes before rinsing but don't take my word as you should check the recommended times off the developer manufacturers box. What many people don't realize is that the longer the film develops, the more stark the contrast becomes. The lights get lighter and the darks get darker.

If you’re fortunate enough to develop your own film, try pushing your film an extra two or three minutes and see how it affects the final product. While it's easy to push your film too far into an overly contrasty mess, a little extra time can sometimes create a stunning result by adding extra contrast to important areas of your photograph.

3. Use the Bulb Setting
Any camera (even most digitals) that has manual settings will have the option to set your shutter speed to “B,” or bulb. This simply makes your camera shutter stay open for as long as you keep the button pressed and gives you a way to capture images that seemed impossible. Sadly the bulb setting doesn’t do well in daylight since it will overexpose the frame, but in a dark environment there’s a lot of fun to be had with this option.

Set your camera on a tripod facing the night sky and use a cable release to leave your shutter open for five minutes – you’ll be able to see the stars moving as the earth rotates. You can also hold the camera shutter open and have someone spin around holding a flashlight and then snap the flash and you'll have a shot of them encircled by light. This setting takes a lot of practice but can produce incredible results.

The next time you're feeling adventurous, remember these three photo experiments. You don’t need any additional equipment for most of them (besides a cable release, which you can pick up for a few bucks) and you can use almost any SLR or DSLR camera. Just remember that you should only do experiments with photographs you’re willing to lose – your daughter’s wedding might not be the best time to try shooting everything from the hip. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you have fun and create images that reflect you or the message you want to send.

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Autumn Lockwood is a writer for Your Picture Frames and loves taking photos. Shop online and see our selection of picture frames in a wide variety of colors from black to brown and bright colors like pink. Visit our website or call 800-780-0699.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

You got to have fun

There is no reason to not have often we get stuck in the rut.  We think we should have to behave a certain way.  We should do things a certain way, we should act a certain way.  The other day on a Lufthansa flight a pillow fight broke out.  Yes you read that correctly a pillow fight broke out.  See for yourself.

Now what does that have to do with photography.  You have to have fun, if you are not having fun chances are your client is not having fun.  If they are not having fun then the images will reflect that.  The sales will also reflect that.  So for goodness sakes when you grab your camera to make an image don't forget to have fun.  Do what you love and love to do it.  That will make all the difference in the world.

For those of you looking for a career..then figure out what it is you love to do and then monetize it.  Let your passion and your enjoyment carry you through the day and smile on the way to the bank because you were paid to do what you love to do.

INTERNET MARKETING HELP - The 5 key elements to success in internet marketing biz exposed!

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The third element: You need to know how to generate leads to your biz cause without leads you cant interest people, leads and prospects to your business that's why you need to know how to use different strategies and knowing how to market over there using attraction marketing that help you attract people to you and stop chasing people...
The key for success is to be a valuable person that bring value to other people you become an attractive person just if you bring value to other people and help them and give them solutions to their problems...
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The forth element: DUPLICATION SYSTEM - If you want to follow up with your leads and prospects you need a duplication system that are going to help your leads and prospects get all the information and all the training and support from a major system...
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The fifth element: You want to promote your primary program on the back office of the system that you are participate and let your prospects in the long term see your primary program and join in the future to your business opportunity but the most important thing is to get them to a system that are going to help them know how to market and get the information they need and start using an effective method and simple step-by-step formula for their success...

That's the way you need to follow if you want to reach the success you truly desire in your internet marketing business online...

To your success

Ohad Orlian

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I would like to share with you my knowledge about internet marketing and help you know how to market effectively an internet marketing business online.
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Avoid the Basic Mistakes

I've been taking photos for a number of years now.  When I grab my camera I attempt to avoid a handful of basic mistakes.

  1. Focus on the Eyes
  2. Check the Background
  3. Compose the photo
  4. Change the perspective
Focus on the Eyes
I was always taught to look a person in the eyes when I addressed them.  That way they knew I was talking to them.  When I studied to be a teacher and took speech classes the instructors and professors always emphasized the importance of eye contact.  The same things held true when I took drama classes in undergraduate school.  In martial arts I learned to watch my opponents eyes, they would always tell me where they were about to strike.  In photography it seems like a natural thing but folks forget it all the time, make sure the eyes are the point of focus in your image of any person or critter.  When we look at an image it is the eyes that give it life and if they are out of focus then the image will seem off.  This is where knowledge of depth of field comes in handy, particularly if you are shooting a group of people.  What ever you do make sure the eyes are sharp.

Check the Background
This seems like a no brainier to me but people will do it all the time.  Before you press that shutter button make sure that nothing awkward or strange is in the background.  Unless that is the point of the photo.  Make sure your subject, who ever or what ever that is, does not have horns or spike in their head.  Also give a thought to what is back there in general.  A parking lot of cars behind a portrait style image is not the best of background.  Again it really depends on what you are going for just make sure that your background fits into your composition.

Compose the Photo
Take the time to create an image, don't just make a snapshot.  It is one thing to catch a whale jumping onto a boat, it is another thing altogether to get someone to stand there for an image.  I love looking at vacation photos, with the typical vacation pose.  you know the one, hands at side strait at the camera with some landmark or other object of interest in the background.  If you are going to take the time to capture the vacation then have some fun with it and make it an image worth keeping.  Don't forget the basic rules of thirds or your posing knowledge.

Change the Perspective
Don't get rooted.  Take the time to move around the object of your photograph and look for better angles and more interesting ways to photograph it.  Sure a flower from above looks great but getting in close for a macro image or moving underneath to shoot up from an ants point of view may produce a more stunning image.  I hate making an image then getting home and realize that had I moved a foot to the left or right the image would have been perfect.

Put a little of yourself into each image, remember the craft part of making an image and make image that are stunning visually.  Look for inspriation in the things of your everyday life.  For me the inpiration for this post was "What the Duck".  It made me chuckle I clicked away from it and then went right back and wrote.  Photography is often the same for me.  I see something and an  idea will grow into a project.  Like for example the Wild and Wonderful calendar series I started late last year.   The first one was an 18 month calendar.   You can check it out below:  I plan to release a new calendar each year.  I will create a revised 12 month version of this calendar and make it available in the fall of this year. When inspiration strikes jump on it, just try and avoid simple mistakes.

Internet Marketing for the Poor Slob

Go ahead, I dare you! Do a Google search for internet marketing, and watch your computer vomit all over you. Is there really a way you can get rich doing internet marketing? Can you really make a million dollars by following a few easy tasks? And the ultimate, run the flag up the flag pole question, can you get rich over night? The resounding answer is Maybe, No!! And No!!!
Internet Marketing is a tricky beast to say the least. It can be done, but not the way it is advertised it online. If you are thinking about plunking down your hard earned money to get invested in this dark side of the internet, then it’s a good thing you came a cross this article.
There are so many get rich quick sites that I found the whole process of seeking out credible information to be a discouraging and bleak process. That’s why I started my website, themilliondollarcaf√©,com, to help people make the right choices for entering the world of internet marketing.
Bottom line is that I can save you a lot of time and money. If your considering internet marketing as a way to make a living you need to start now to find out if you have the kahonies to take this plunge. If you’re like a lot of other poor slobs out there trolling the internet looking for a way to get rich then you must take the ultimate test and dive in and that means buying one of the hundreds of thousands of programs that are out there. Which one? You might be asking yourself.
What does this mean? You take a few bucks and buy one of the systems, that’s what! 
Am I a millionaire? No, not yet but I’m well on my way to figuring out the right balance between informed content and the hard work that has so far resulted in making a decent living marketing on the web.
What we already know is that ninety-eight percent of what you are reading about doesn’t work. So that means that you are going to have to find the two percent that actually does make you some money.
Your first step is a call to action. Ignore what you see on the web in regards to reading someone else’s review or scam alerts and buy one of the top programs out there and begin you emersion into the world of internet marketing. There is no way to avoid spending the money. At some point you are going to have to whether you like it or not. So the more time you waste scouring the internet for something that is not there, is less time that you could spend learning and actually applying gained knowledge to your goal.
Buy an internet marketing package, study itArticle Submission, and use the knowledge for implementing your own plan.
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Joseph Thomas is an award winning Photo/Journalist/Producer, internet marketer and has covered the Washington Political scene as a White House credentialed photographer and a general assignment producer covering most of the major breaking stories during the past two decades and is currently running

Lady Java

Ok...I have to admit it I'm enough of a geek to laugh at this video...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The other day I revived a phone call from  nice gentleman from Photoshop Society, I neglected to jot his name down as I was at the office at the time he called.  He brought my attention to their website I took a look through he site whit him and dug around even deeper once I finished my call with him.  They have a nice little site that provides information on Photoshop as well as downloads of various actions.  They also have an extensive actions and tutorial library online for you.

The site is a membership site and it uses the freemium model of web pricing.  If you are not aware of this model where the free members are supported by a smaller number of paid premium members.Even the paid memberships are reasonably prices at two tiers $99 and $129 per year.

In my quick perusal I noticed several tutorials that folks would ask me about when I was instructing photoshop for New Horizons.  If you are new to the digital dark room you may want to check out this resource.  I plan to download a few of the tutorials and brush up my skills.

Keep your shutters clickin'!

Adobe Photoshop Extended CS5 Student & Teacher Edition

Frustrations with the podcast

I have to vent to everyone some of the frustrations i currently have with the podcast.  Keep in mind my vent is in no way a slur on anyone in particular it is just me venting.  As many of you are aware a few months back I launched a podcast.  "The Everyday Photographer"  I have and continue to enjoy creating the content and providing it once a week.  About two weeks ago I located a new recording software.  The software would allow me to transfer the audio recording mad eon my iPhone to my laptop.  From there I could add on the music and upload it to the site.

I typically record two episodes a week, and then every two weeks or so I will pull them off to my computer.  However sometime in that two week period the wifi on my iPhone became unresponsive.  It will locate wifi signals but does not want to attach to them.  This includes the router at home.  This doesn't bother me to much as I don't use the wifi a lot and as I have great 3G coverage in my home area.  However it does mean that I have 4 episodes of "The Everyday Photographer" prisoner on my iPhone.

I have come up with a way to get the episodes off but I am concerned about the sound quality.  My first attempt was really rough sounding.  I will figure it out, at the worst case I will just re-do the casts.  It's just frustrating that they are trapped on the phone. 

Wild and Wonderful

I put this calendar together using some of my favorite images of West Virginia.  I plan to release one of these each year in the fall.  Let me know what you think of it and which images grab you the most.

Monday, August 16, 2010

You push the button we do the rest.

Once upon a time I took a course called "The History of Technology"  The class was absolutely fascinating.  I remember on one of hte exams the professor gave us the slogan of a number of companies and we had to identify the correct companies and products.  One particular slogan I remember is "You press the button we do the rest."  The slogan was created by George Eastman for the Eastman-Kodak Camera in 1888.  This particualr model of camera allowed the photographer to expose 100 images with the press of a button.  Once the roll was completed the photographer sent the entire camera back to Kodak.  Kodak would reload the camera and produce their prints.  The entire package would then be shipped back to the owner.  It was amazing and it was one of the earliest moves to get everyday people to use a camera.  in the late 1800's it was only professionals and serious amateurs that used camera. 

Many years latter the Poloroid camera became a big hit. This video that I spotted on f-stoppers shows how their system worked and that they were indeed trying to change the market again and get cameras into the hands of the everyday person.

Today many folks will point to the DSLR's and the dropping prices as reasons why their photography businesses are slumping.  They will complain that to many new untrained photographers are getting into the market.  They want to blame their problems on us, the new folks.  I hate to tell them that this has been going on for a long long time and that they need to embrace the competition and move their photography to the next level.

Anyone can learn photography, and anyone can make money at it.  But first they have to be willing to learn.  Are you willing to learn.  If so, keep an eye out here as I begin to offer more and more information on how to use your camera.  If you like you can tune into to the weekly podcast of "The Everyday Photographer."  New episodes come out each Friday and are available through this site as well as iTune.

Come learn with me...and keep your shutters clickin'!

Lifestyle Design to Live the Photographic Life

I am tired.  I want to be somewhere else.  I want to do something else.  I do not want to be here.  I want to see the world now not when I am to old to enjoy it.  I want to photograph wild animals.  I want to hop a plane to someplace tropical.  I want o photograph a dogsled race.  I want to live before my life is done.  I want to experience the world on my terms and I want to do this with my family.
 Read it.  This is a statement I scribbled on a piece of paper today in complete frustration. At the top of the page I had written the title you see on this post.  Now someone reading this will no doubt say that I am having a mid-life crisis and I just need to get over it and move on with my life.  I don't have it bad.  I have a good job with a great benefit package, I dive a nice car and live in a nice comfortable home.

I assure you this is not mid-life crisis.  At the end of last year the start of this year (2010) I made a decision to read more.  I had gotten out of the habit of taking time to expand my mind.  I had even fallen woefully behind in my recreational reading.  To that end I vowed to myself to get back in the habit.  Since January I have average 3-4 books a month.  With at least one being recreational.  I squeeze time in a lunch and where ever I can to read.  I even cheat a little by downloading them from iTunes and listening to them as I go to and from work.  The end result of all this reading is the statement above.  I will state upfront that I am satisfied with my current job, but it does not excite me.  At the bottom of this post you will find amazon links to some of the books I have read this year.  This is not the complete list but it is the ones that pop into my head and scream at me on a regular basis.

The fruit of all of the reading is that I realize that in today's world it is possible to create multiple lines of passive income that will fund you as you focus on your passions.  I am not naive enough to believe that it can be done in just fours hours a week as Tim Ferris titles his book.  However I do believe that you can create these passive streams of income.  At first they will take lost of blood swear and toil to build but once completed and rolling, IF you have built them correctly they will run with only minimal work on your part. (Please note I am not doubting that Tim has create a 4 Hour Work Week just my ability to create the same.)

So having said the above and having vented what I want I am going to state my personal mission statement:  I will create multiple passive income streams to fund my travels around the world.  I will document those travels via blog and/or other social media.  I will share the knowledge I gain on how to create these passive income for FREE with anyone that asks.

In order to meet these goals I will tweek ever so slightly the focus of this blog.  In the past I have focused in and around photographic knowledge.  Through articles, sharing workshop information and posts.  I have even launched a weekly podcast to that end.  From this point forward I will add the passive income piece to the blog.  The focus now become one of using lifestyle design principals and passive income to create funds for photographic travel and learning.

I will be opening up comments on the blog again, they had previously been turned off due to xxx Asian spam comments.  I will continue to jury these comments and if they are in my native English I will use Google translation to check them out before I accept

Remember I am not a life style design expert, nor am I a passive income expert.  Hell I'm still trying to figure it all out myself.  But as I learn something or as I get something working I will share that with you.  If you are one of the experts int he field...a Tim Ferriss, a Sean Ogle or a Rob and Kim (Sorry you two your last name escapes me right now.) and you have a comment then drop it.  IF you have some blog links that will help folks (me included) put them in.

I'm looking for mentors, I'm looking for others trying to do the same thing.  If you are into photography then the mores the better.  So hang on folks and keep your shutters clickin'!