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How to Trick Dark and Bright Photography Background?

Beginner photography frequently makes mistakes in adjusting the camera exposure when photographing the subject with the dark or bright background. Subject with the dark background produces over-exposure, while subject with the bright background produces under-exposure. Photo background can deceive the way the camera read the exposure. How to trick them?

Speaking about photography exposure problems, the photo object is not the only element that contributes the improper of the exposure results. Photography background must be taken into account too, because photo background contributes significant deceiver the way the camera reading the exposure. Even though the object is classified as mid-tone, an abnormal dark or a bright photo background can cause the camera to read the exposure mistakenly or incorrectly. The level of the

error depends on how large the frame area used as the photo background.

It's not quite easy to determine how accurate the camera explores the object. It depends on the metering mode you select in the camera. For example, when you capture the object which is not positioned in the center of the frame, while you select the spot metering mode, the camera will not be able to read the exposure correctly when the background is dark or bright. Characteristic of the photography background takes important role in the way the camera read the exposure.

Small Object on Large White Background

An experiment was made; the object was positioned at the right side of the frame occupying about 30% area of the bright photo background. The camera was set to the default setting ‘no compensation' while the metering was set to spot metering mode. The result is under exposure (UE) photograph. How to trick the camera for a proper exposure result? With the small photo object on a large area of the bright or white background, you should compensate the camera exposure up to plus 2

EV using spot metering.

By providing up to plus 2 EV compensation for large white area with a small object on it, the photo exposure result would be perfect

Unlike mostly people think when they capture the objects with bright background which tend to compensate the camera exposure under mid-tone compensation; that will just produce under-exposure photo results. The correct exposure setting should be taken contrarily.

Small Object on Large Dark / Black Background

Different experiment was made; the object was positioned at the right side of the frame occupying about 30% area of the frame. The metering was still the same, the spot metering and no compensation – mid-tone setting. But this time; the background was made dark or black completely. Guess what? The photo result was over-exposure. So, how to trick?

Capturing the small object on a large area of the dark or black background, you should compensate the camera exposure up to minus 2EV. Generally mostly beginners’ photography tends to provide plus compensation when capturing the object on a large area of the dark background – that’s wrong. The result would be over-exposure photos.

Other experiments were also made by reducing the background area and providing the main object predominantly on the frame either dark background or white background. With small area of the dark background, you should compensate the camera exposure up to minus 1.3 EV. On the other hand, with a small area of the white background you should compensate the camera exposure up to plus 1.3 EV.

Photography Background can deceive the way the camera read the exposure. So how much contribution the photography background to the camera exposure depends on how large the area used and how bright or how dark the photo background is. The result of the photo exposure can be quite different significantly.

By: Ki Grinsing
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Learn Digital Photography - How To Be Good In Portrait Photography

Portrait photography can be fun and yet difficult to master. It is normal to see photographers struggling with the subject's pose and sometime things can get ugly when the photographer and subject can't agree on the pose.

That is when you need to talk to your models and make them understand all you want to do is to get the best out of them. You are aiming for that special glow that only your model can show. Of course then you have to listen to their feedback and see what they want in their picture. It is their pictures after all.

When both of you are relax, look seriously at your subject. Look at their face and see what is so special about your subject. A good portrait photographer can see the character of a person from his or her face and know how to put the lighting to properly illuminate your model. Some said that you can even tell a person's story with portrait photography when you look hard enough.

Now, impressing your models with their portrait is easy when you can capture their pictures in a different perspective. Everyone is unique in their own way and looking at that, shouldn't everyone have their own special portrait? You can ask your model to look away from the camera and focus on his face. Or you can get your model to rest her head on her palm so that you can focus on her gaze. What you need to do here is to be creative and shoot out of the box.

Besides that, good portrait photographers can make do with the equipments they already have. It is true that you can get better picture when you have better equipments. But looking at the speed of the digital cameras being release to the market today, do you know how much money you need to invest to get all the equipments in your hand?

So, what you need to do is to zoom in to your model when you are practicing portrait photography because wide lens might make your model look "wide" and you will hard time explaining that to them.

Lastly, practice does make digital photography better. Seriously, have you ever fail to be better in things that you do over and over again? You might have spent a lot of time thinking of how you need to pose your model when you started this but once you have build the experience you will know how to prep your model for the camera with just a single glance.

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Car Show Fun

The 2010Charleston Rod Run and Doo Whop was tons of funs.  I've already shared some of the images with you but I wanted to share this on.  When I shot the image I could see a sepia covering over it.  After I processed it and cleaned up the image I took it into photoshop and used my Nik filters.

The resultant image looks pretty close to what I saw in my head.

The Everyday Photographer - The importance of projects

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How to Choose, Instruct & Shooting With Models - Yuri Arcurs

Advantage Of Affiliate Internet Marketing To Both Publishers And Affiliate Marketing Associates

There are many legitimate online business opportunities but one that I would recommend for newbies is affiliate internet marketing programs. Affiliate marketing is where a business program rewards its associates every time they bring in a customer who buys products. It has an advantage in that you will have a wide range of products to promote on your website thus offer variety to your target market.

Affiliate internet marketing is also beneficial to people seeking to market their products through associates. With affiliate marketing, online business people have access to a wide range of sites to network with in order to market their products and services. As publishers market your products, they will help you attract traffic to your website thus generate online sales.

Affiliate management companies are the ones in charge of coordinating between the producers and publishers. These companies in most instances have a vast number of publishers in their network thus marketing online business products is quite easy. All they do is offer publishers/associates attractive commissions to promote their products thus the power of affiliate internet marketing.

As discussed on this article, you will notice that affiliate internet marketing is advantageous to both the associates and the owners of the products. The reason I recommend affiliate marketing programs to newbies is mainly because there is no fee required to start promoting products. All you need is to choose and sell products of a particular niche.

In order to generate sales online through affiliate internet marketing, load your niche products and drive targeted traffic to your blog or website. In addition, give your customers limited time offers which will necessitate them to take action to follow your links and purchase your affiliate products.

To learn more on internet affiliate programs follow the link below.

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The Parallel Career Way to Lifestyle Alternatives

You may be seeking lifestyle alternatives which have nothing to do with earning more money. You decide to change career the parallel career way because you're seeking a different lifestyle that will give you more Time, more Freedom and more Control such as…
  • Spending more time with the people and 'things' you love - your love ones, your hobby or your life's passion.
  • When to wake up and when to work - you plan your own working hours.
  • Who to work with - choose not to work with those you do not want to.
  • Where to work from - a home office...your kitchen table...or a shared office.
  • What to wear - you can be in your pyjamas or wear a tuxedo.
  • Freedom to make decisions - no need to seek permission from anyone.
  • Freedom to implement ideas - no need to 'sell' your idea to a committee.
  • Full control over your livelihood - no need to report to your boss.
These lifestyle alternatives give you the choice to choose...
while others go to work every Monday because they have to (afterall it's called a working day)...'re still in your pyjamas having breakfast with your spouse and watching your favourite sport on ESPN. Later, you decide to play a round of golf instead of doing paperwork since you worked until late the previous night. don't have to inform the boss!
While others are busy writing a report to management on what they achieved during a recent business trip... attend a luncheon to raise money for homeless teenagers.
While others have to apply for leave to go for a holiday...
.... you go when it suits you.
While you still have a job, do not fall into the trap of complacency and a sense of false security. Instead, start thinking about a parallel career. Start with the end in mind. Ask yourself what lifestyle would give you real satisfaction?
Your Choice of Lifestyle Depends on Your Values
It is said that the best lifestyle is to have a career you love and have someone to love.
To love is to value. What are your values that are most important to you? Are they for the moment or a lifetime? Here are some to ponder...
  • Good health and physical fitness
  • Recognition from others for your achievements, status and position
  • Touching the lives of others
  • Your religious beliefs
  • Financial security
  • Nature
  • Independence
  • Your spouse or partner
  • Spend time with your children and be there whenever they need you
  • Your associationComputer Technology Articles, society or alumni
  • Knowledge and continuing education
  • Stability and order
  • Tidiness and an organised environment
  • Owning a home
Your Values Determine Your Plans and Actions
When you know what you really want...begin to build a parallel career while you still have a job with the end goal of quitting your job and 'doing your own thing'.
Don't just change career. Choose one of the lifestyle alternatives that give you real satisfaction. Dream about...then work towards it the parallel career way. The parallel career way just makes this transition less stressful.

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Blog Shutdown

Just a quick note to remind folks that the Point...Click...Shoot blog is being shutdown at the end of 2010. Post will continue to appear on the site until mid-febuary, after that time this blog will cease to operate. I am moving my blogging to a new blog, found at At this time the new blog is up and ready to receive posts. Post will not start until January 1.There are losts of little reasons for this move but the main reason is one of branding. The PCS blog has grown to be many things and do none of them well. Hope you join me over on the new blog, it will have its own RSS feeds, separate from this one. IF you do not want to miss any content join me there.Jason

Coming Soon!

Just a quick note, the blog will swing into motion on Jan 1, 2011.  I'm looking forward to sharing my ideas and thoughts on photography, online living and what ever finds its way into our path.  The main focus of course will be on photographs and the making of good images.

Look for a weekly audio cast "The Everyday Photographer" on Fridays and more.  See you at the first of the year!

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Make $500,000 A Year - Home Based Business

by Clarence Sim

2 days ago, I read about the success story of a 14 year old year by the name of Leanna Archer. A huge part of her income generates from her online business, where she operates from a home based environment. When she was just eight years old, Leanna hit upon the idea of commercializing a hair product used in her family for two generations.

Today, the 14-year-old high school student from Long Island, New York, grosses about $500,000 a year selling her all-natural hair products, from shampoos to hair mists, on the Internet and at health food and beauty stores in the United States.

Ever since she was a young girl, she received compliment regularly from people on her healthy, thick, shiny hair and ask her what products she used. "I could not give them an answer, because I used a pomade made from natural ingredients concocted by my great-grandmother from Haiti," says Leanna. " At that time I didn't even know how it was made and what went into it."

Though she was young, the idea of setting up a home based business to offer the promade to her friends to generate extra income struck her. Her computer engineer father and social worker mom thought it was a great idea when she shared with them, but suggested she complete college first. Unwilling to wait that long, her burning desire caused her to take things onto her own hands.

Each time her grandmother made a batch, she would fill up a few baby food jars with the pomade and pass them to her friends to try. It turned out that they loved the product and kept asking for more. Her parents did not know of this until people started calling the home with orders.

They finally realized that her daughter may indeed have a workable idea, so they registered a company and set up a website to sell her products, their first foray into a home based business to making money online. Leanna started with just the pomade, but has now developed 14 products, using natural products, using natural products such as hibiscus, avocado and almond oils.

Leanna has found and lived her American dream, how about you?

Many like her have embarked on a home based business with the hope to generate some passive income, which turned out to be a fulfilling full time commitment and rewarding business.
The key is to take action right now, and do something every day towards your goal.

About the Author

92% of Internet Marketers FAIL to make good money online. May this system I personally use: Online Marketing Success benefits you.Additional Resources: FREE Videos Download Here


In a past iteration of myself I was the Assistant Public Affairs Officer for the West Virginia Wing of the Civil Air Patrol.  One of the jobs that helped with was preparing news release.  For those of you reading my blog you are probaly thing, you did news releases?!?  Yes I did, but mostly I reviewed what the Public Affairs Officer (PA) wrote, made corrections and sent them back.

During my stint with them the PA and I realized there was a problem.  To often we would receive articles to be submitted for national publications that were full of jargon.  At one of the conferences they held we addressed the topic by gathering all of the local units PA's together.  When the presentation started I burst into the room and rambled off information related to an emergency in the headquarters server room.  I made sure to use all of the computer jargon in the proper places.  As soon as I completed relaying the information to the PA she turned to the unit PA's and asked "Did you understand that?"

As this was in the late 80's early 90's many of them were clueless to what I had just relayed other than it was a computer problem.  She nodded and I launched into yet another emergency speech, this one laden with the jargon of the Civil Air Patrol.  When I finished she turned to the unit PA's and ask the same question; "Did you understand that?

They all said they did and began explaining the details of what I had said to her.  I then looked at them and introduced myself to them, as many had not ever meet me, and asked them what was different between the two emergencies.  They quickly explained that they did not understand what I had said the first time.  I pointed out that I had simply used jargon.  They agreed and explained they did not know the jargon.  At that the PA who had been quiet during our exchange smiled and said "Exactly!  You don't know the jargon."  We then went on to explain to them that often their pieces were full of jargon and that the general public did not know that ELT stood for Emergency Locating Transmitter.

When you present to an audience, make sure you explain your jargon, do not assume that they know it.  Make sure you break things down into simple terms so that even the newest person int he room will understand it.  I try hard on the blog to make sure I do not use to much jargon or techno-babel when I explain things and I do the same thing when I speak.  Make your audience happy and explain what you are saying.

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Photo Canvas - Modern Reflection Of A Traditional Painting

It is so ideal to have a personal work of art with a photo canvas. This is one of the most popular items in the art industry that could live for many years. As a simple individual, you can have your own photo canvas with the aid of your digital photograph. You don't have to hire an artist who will going to paint you that may also hard in your part. Imagine, you have to pose for a long time just to have a perfect painting that is a traditional form of art. Getting your own photo canvas is easy. You can select among the thousands of personal images in your computer or any storage devices . Your choice will be sent to the local printer or to your favored artist who will finish your dreamed canvas. It is also an ideal gift for someone special in their birthday or any occasions. So, instead of giving common gift items, it is encouraged to give a personalized photo canvas that is more elegant and meaningful.

Photo canvas is similar to the traditional paintings that are usually found in the local and national museums. It is also made of high-quality materials like those expensive paintings. They have also similarity in the way they are being stretched and woven. The difference between them is the subject. Photo canvas is more personal for you can opt for your own image to be printed on a canvas.

There are some people settle to have a simple canvas that has just a single photo printed on it. This is one of the ideal gift ideas which emphasize your feelings to special someone in a simple manner. You can put some special messages at the back of the canvas or even in front for a deeper impact. But, if you have a wide range of imagination and you have a knowledge on photo editing with the use of photo editing software, you can customize the image first before sending it to the printer. You can also change the background if you want.

The photo editing software have lots of programs that can be used for a more artistic appearance of the image. You can apply the other types or art to have a unique aura in your photo. You can also upload a number of photograph and arrange them with the use of photo editing software before sending the final edition to the printer. These photos may be taken from several memorable occasions which had a lot of shots like wedding, graduation and anniversaries. However, if you are not honed with that artistic skill, you can ask your artist to do the edition and he will just give you the draft of the image for the approval before printing it on a canvas.

The subject of your photo canvas is not only limited to a human image. You can make use of the scenic views like beaches and sunsets as subjects. Also, try to get some photograph of your favorite pet in his cute pose. Your photo canvas is really the best decoration in your wall that may also be considered as your family heirloom.
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Nathaniel Brown is an artist that appreciate the uniqueness of photo canvas . He always preserve his painting by sending them to a digital print on canvas companies.
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Adding Finishing Touches

While in Monterey I used my 70-200 lens to make this panorama image.  I used photoshop to stitch it together for me.When the program had done its work and I had processed the image to my preferences.  I was quite happy.  However as I looked at it I felt like it was missing something.   I decided that the image needed a boat.  Looking over the take of images from earlier that day I landed on my sail boat image.
With a grin and a little photoshop magic I placed the boat neatly in the pano.  The finished results are as you see below:

Digital Photography - What Is Stock Photography?

 Stock photography is just existing photographs that are available for specific purpose. Sometimes it is also known as picture library or photo bank and digital stock photography can just simply mean that the pictures are taken digitally.

You can see a lot of these digital stock photographs in books, magazines and websites. You might ask why the publishers don't hire professional photographers for the job. This is because the pictures in photo bank are cheaper than getting someone to do it. Plus the pictures sold in the photo bank are created with the best quality and that can save you from the frustration of fighting with the photographer over the quality of the pictures.

As good as digital stock photography may sounds, you might not have much control over the pictures you get from the library. This is especially true when the pictures you are looking for are not something popular and often you have to compromise with the second or third choices you can get.

Since stock photography is about buying and selling photographs, it provides a chance for you to make extra income for your pocket. When you are photographing for picture library, remember that you are to shoot for what your potential customers are interested instead of what you like.

And to help you make money with this process, look at what other photographers are selling and think about what else you can offer. Let's say eagle is the popular subject. Can you photograph other species of the eagle with different angle or performing other activity? You will never know whether anyone is looking for a picture of Harpy eagle resting in its nest and he might be willing to pay good money for it.

Another easy way for you to cash in with photo library is to look into the 'wanted list' in the digital stock photography agencies. Once you know what your potential customers are looking for, plan your shots so that you can bring something different to the table. As long as you can make your clients feel that your picture is their perfect solution, they are going to get your picture regardless of your reputation.

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Vivid colors

In the last few days I have posted a few more of the images I made in Monterey, Ca.  This restaurant is one such image.  I was struck by the choice of colors and the setting suns rays on it.  After I cleaned up the iamge, by removing the banner advertising their current special I pumped up the color saturation.  It may be to much but I still liked the results.

The Everyday Photographer - Its about you!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

One Image HDR

A few weeks back I had the great pleasure to spend some time in Monterey, California.  My day job took me out there for a sereies of meetings.  The first day we arrived I was able to walk around a bit and grab some images of the area.  This was not my first trip to that part of the country.  On this particular trip I was taken by the decay of concrete along the coast line.  I grabbed a few images that attracted my attention.

When I brought both of the images below into lightroom I was again struck by the decay.  I decided to see what I could do to bring it out in the images.  After a couple of experiments I decided to attempt to create single image HDR.  I had done this in the past one way but was never happy with the results.  So I put my head to it and came up with my own method.

Essentially High Dynamic Range (HDR) images are created using multiple exposure of the same setting.  Each of the exposures are at a different level level.  However I only had the single image to work from.  Using lightroom I create three version of the image you see above.  One 2 stops above proper exposures, one 2 stops below proper exposures and one properly exposed.  I kicked them out from lightroom and took them into Photomatrix pro.  Using the tools in that software I was able to produce this image.

After I completed the process I was pleased with the results and I repeated them with the second image in this post.  I was very happy with the way it made the colors pop in the image and how it brought out the rough nature of the coast line there. 

If you have never had the chance to see that part of the US, take the time to do so.  I have more image from my trip and previous trips online.  I highly recommend that you find your way to Fishermans's Wharf and Cannery Row.  There are many photographic opportunities in the area.  In fact hidden behind the wall in the first set of images was another photographer and a model busily having their own shoot.

I look forward to my next trip out that way.

Do You Want To Know How To Do Internet Marketing?

With the current economy conditions, it is good to start your own internet marketing business. It is a great way to take back your life.  If you are facing a dead end job, or your boss is driving you mad, all the more reason to look for a new way to earn money.

Starting your own small business internet marketing offers you a healthy lifestyle. Unlike where you work, where you are constantly driven with pressures, an online business helps you create a lifestyle that is ideal for your health and your family’s.

Stress is a potentially dangerous trigger that when experienced for a long time can cause serious illnesses. Working for someone can at times causes you stress that can be detrimental to your health. With your own internet company, you can relax more often, after you business is established.

You can also dictate how you will run your internet marketing business, and you choose which niche you would like to engage in. Niche marketing is the subset of the market, in which you specify the product or service you would like to focus on.

It defines the specific product features that will satisfy customer’s needs. For example, if the current market dictates that millions are looking for cleaning services, you would specify your business to focus on blind cleaning services. The more specific is your product, the clearer are your profits.

It is important to establish a niche market because of the advantage of being unique. To be successful with your small business internet marketing, you need to develop a market niche that has plenty of customers, customers with plenty of money, and new customers that keep entering the niche.

It can be tricky sometimes, but it is worth it. You have to know what people want and then provide it with an affiliate product or a product that you produce. This is the basis of an internet business.

Unlike in the physical world of business, the internet marketing business does not require you to invest more money. Instead, it will ask you to spend your time. Online marketing strategies require your time. You will also devote a fraction of your time to study, analyze and evaluate the market demands.

When you first start a small business internet marketing, you will need to spend a lot of time getting it started. If you don’t have the education for this, you will have to do plenty of studying.

The truth is, even when you run your own business in the mortar-and-brick world, you may still spend sufficient time for it. It is similar to online marketing, except that you choose the duration of the time spent on it.

You can choose to start with your small business internet marketing while you do your studying. However, you need to be ready with your business plan and risk management before you even open your business.

In an online business everything is measurable. You can test almost everything. When your online marketing strategies and tactics produce leads, opportunities and sales, your internet marketing business is on the right track.

An online business is a great way to plan and prepare for your future. Whether you choose to do the internet marketing business as a part-time source of income, or as the sole source, it does not matter. Either way works for your future.

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Live the Network Marketing Lifestyle

Network Marketing is a unique industry that offers anyone the opportunity to build long term walk away residual wealth on a level playing field, regardless of his or her financial situation, background or experience.  Although most people get involved to make money, the real reward is the Network Marketing Lifestyle, which is like no other.  This one of a kind lifestyle includes time freedom, money freedom and the ability to live your life however you choose!
Since building your Network Marketing business is so different than a regular job or even a traditional business, the lifestyle and advantages start right away.  From the very beginning you’re able to:
  • Choose your own hours
  • Be your own boss
  • Work with people you want to, not those you have to
  • Make extra spending money while building long term wealth
  • Dress however you would like
  • Get rid of your alarm clock
  • Lose that nasty commute
  • Spend more time with your family and friends
  • Raise your kids by yourself
  • Attend all your kid’s school events
  • Vacation more than 1 or 2 weeks per year
  • Not have to shave or put on makeup because you don’t feel like it
  • Do things during the middle of the week while everyone else is at work
  • Work because you enjoy it, not because you have to
  • Help people better their lives
  • Have a career with a purpose
  • Build your goals and dreams instead of someone else’s
Now here’s the great part… once you achieve success and build that long term walk away residual income, the rewards are immeasurable and the lifestyle even gets better.  At this point you’re earning Rock Star Money and are able to experience all the great things that go along with it.  Your goals and dreams become reality while you are compensated for way more hours then you’re actually working, or even think you are worth.  The residual income keeps coming in and along with the money comes:

  • Total financial freedom
  • Personal satisfaction
  • Recognition
  • Ability to buy whatever you want, whenever you want - cars, boats, houses, you name it!
  • Freedom to travel wherever you want whenever you want, and do it in style – First Class!
  • The choice to live wherever you want – including as many houses as you want
  • Power to help out family, friends, give to favorite charities and community
  • The fun of spoiling your kids, nieces, nephews and family because you can!
  • Priceless relationships you develop with like minded positive people all throughout the world
  • New skills and self confidence
  • The option to retire in 4 – 6 – 10 years tops instead of 40!
Think about it… what other industry offers this type of lifestyle to the average person?  Is it easy?  No. Can anyone do it?  Yes, but it does take desire, hard work, sacrifices, belief, a positive attitude, a solid plan, persistent and consistent action and the will power to keep on going even when things don’t go your way.
But… if you make up your mind to succeed in the Network Marketing Industry and let nothing get in your way, you truly will enjoy an unbelievable lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams!

© 2008 – Howie Arzt – All Rights Reserved.  This article may be distributed and published freely as long as the resource box is in tactFree Articles, this copyright notice remains and there are no changes made to the text.

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Make Money Blogging With Google Adsense

by Mark Levine

If you have a website or a blog, you should definitely sign up for Google Adsense. It's one of the few programs you can truly 'set and forget' - once it's there you don't really need to do much else with it.
But there are ways and means to maximize your income from Google Adsense, and as you get to know more about it you can start to generate a decent income from it that will keep rolling in month after month. It's a true passive income, which is why so many people are using it.
Most people have heard of Google Adsense, but not everyone understands exactly how to use it to its best advantage. So we'll start with how to use it in its most basic sense and then progress to the more advanced benefits you can get from the program.
Basically if you have a website or blog you can sign up for a free account at Google Adsense and start putting contextual ads on your website. What do I mean by contextual? It means quite simply that the ads which appear on your site will be relevant to your content. So let's say for example that your website is about tropical fish. The Google ads will then be related to tropical fish in some way. And because of the information that you give to Google, they will also display adverts that are relevant to your area. So if you are based in the UK the ads that appear will be relevant to UK buyers; if your site or business is based in Australia the ads will appeal to Australian buyers.
All of this is carefully worked out for you in order to attract the maximum click through possible for your website and your ads. Every time someone clicks on an ad you will get a few cents into your Adsense account, so it makes sense that the more attractive and relevant your ads are to your visitors, the more money you will make.
Let's have a look at the appearance of your ads now, since this can affect the amount of click throughs you get. You can choose the color and borders of your ads to fit right in with the color scheme on your site if you wish, but it's worth experimenting with having no borders at all around your adverts since this makes them blend in with your content more seamlessly and may encourage more click throughs in a subtle but effective manner.
However well you integrate Google Adsense into your current blog or website though, there is obviously a limit to the amount of money you can make from one site. If you get thousands of people visiting your site every day then you can expect to get a good income from it but many people don't get this number of visitors and that's where you need a separate strategy to try and up your numbers.
In this case you can go to the advanced level of Adsense income and think about starting several sites, all based around a different yet popular subject. You should think of these essentially as being content sites, since they are often chock full of articles and useful content which is carefully keyworded to attract plenty of search engine traffic on that particular subject. The Adsense ads are then placed in the optimum positions to achieve the best click through (the Adsense pages will give you ideas on where to position them but it's worth experimenting to see what works best for you), and the site goes live for people to find and read through.
You can also insert affiliate links for products into these sites in order to gain even more income if you wish, but they are often known as Adsense sites simply because they are set up to attract visitors and click throughs on a specific subject.
Some people end up with dozens of sites like this, and the beauty of them is that once they are built and you have bought your domain name and hosting plan you don't really need to do too much with them except for promote them. Updating them fairly regularly is good if you want to get to a higher position in the search engine results though, which will gain you more visitors as a result.
You can also keep your site updated more regularly (and encourage repeat visitors) by inserting RSS feeds of news stories related to the subject of your website. Anything that will get people returning to read more - and possibly click on more ads as a result - is worth a try.
One final note here - choose the subjects of your Adsense sites wisely. It's tempting to go for whatever is in the news at the moment, but once the stories die down so will your traffic. You want something that people will always want to know about - saving money, getting a better job, earning more, and various other more personal subjects such as skin care and successful dating for example. There are plenty of options to choose from; you just need to get your thinking cap on to find them.
In short the best place to start making money from Google Adsense is to integrate it into your existing website or blog. As you gain experience and discover the best ways to use it you can start thinking about adding extra sites into the mix. You might end up being an Adsense guru and raking in plenty of money for very little work indeed. That's the best thing about it - the 'set and forget' benefit that keeps on working even when you're not.
If you enjoyed this article or have any questions or comments about it, please leave them by using the form below. Once you've done that it will be time to visit Google's Adsense site to get started! Good luck.

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Mark Levine is an online product promoter.Here's much more and it's all laid out in a simple step-by-step roadmap anyone can follow even if you don't have any experience with blogging before.
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Tips for Photography Beginners

Have you always dreamed of becoming a professional photographer but feel you lack natural talent? Are you an amateur photographer looking to improve on basic photography skills? Don’t panic. Just like everything else, practice makes perfect. Here are some basic tips for beginning photographers:

Don’t buy the most expensive camera – When starting out in photography, buy a compact digital camera. This will give you basic knowledge of how a camera operates and allow you to improve on your skills. Most compact digital cameras are reasonably priced from $99 to $500.

Read the manual – One of the most important things you can do is read the owner’s manual that comes with your digital camera. This manual will teach you how to operate your camera and use features that can allow you to take better pictures.

Test your camera’s settings – After reading the owner’s manual, practice what you have learned. Adjust the settings accordingly and start taking pictures. If something did not turn out the way you had hoped, revisit the manual to make sure you were on the correct setting.

Steady hands – One cause of blurry pictures is moving the camera while snapping the shot. If you are capturing something in motion, remember to switch the setting to “Sports” mode.

Try new things and be creative – Don’t be afraid to use a variety of angles when taking pictures to add depth and texture to an image. Also, explore your zoom options to capture an image up close or at a distance. Being creative with lighting techniques can help to improve your photo.

Take a photography class – Some people learn best from hands-on instruction. Register for a photography class to learn different aspects of how to operate a camera, how to take quality photographs, and where to go to take pictures.

Your camera is your buddy – Beginners and professional photographers should keep their cameras handy, since you never know when you might find an opportunity to take pictures and improve your photography skills.

Once you’ve mastered your starter camera, take the next step with a professional digital camera. This will allow you to explore complex settings that are not made available on all compact digital cameras.

This article is presented by IADT – Nashville. Contact us today if you’re interested in developing marketable knowledge and career-relevant skills with an industry-current degree program from IADT – Nashville.

IADT - Nashville does not guarantee employment or salary.
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Surrealism in Photography

Surrealism in photography was one of the major revolutionary changes in the evolution of photography. Rather than art, photography was reviewed as a copying effort. Surrealism is the introduction of the ‘more than real' images to the art forms.

Surrealism was a movement in the art and intellectual activities, emerged after World War I. Andre Breton, was the founder of the surrealistic concepts and he has gathered the influence from the Dande movement. Surrealism is actually the real expression of mental emotions, without any polishing. Andre Breton describes surrealism in Surrealist Manifesto, as the pure psychic automatism expressed in the real functionality of a person. Surrealistic art forms characteristically differ from the conventional forms in not having specific shape or idea. It can be the expression of basic human instinct and imaginative faculties of the unconscious mind. But, when surrealism comes to photography, the critics did not even imagine such a possibility. However, "Marquise Casati" by Man Ray, made a change to the belief, as it featured multiple eyes for the photograph. Even though, it was an accidental blurring, it proved the chances for the feasibility of surrealistic works.

Man Ray and Lee Miller are considered as legends in surrealistic photography as they were very successful to overcome the limitations of photography to create surrealistic images. Maurice Tabard is another famous surrealist, who had his own technique for surrealistic imaging. Hans Bellmer creatively used mechanical dolls to symbolize sexualized images, where as for Rene Magritte camera was the tool to make photographic equivalents of his paintings.

Surrealist photographs are described as the images, which symbolically represent dreams, night mares, intoxication, sexual ecstasy, hallucination and madness. The difficulty with photography medium is that it imbibes the reality, and often the real images cannot be sufficient to express such unconventional patterns. But, the famous surrealist photographers are able to fulfill the task since they can use the photographic techniques effectively. The ordinary snapshots, body photographs, anthropological photographs, medical photographs, movie stills, and even police photographs are manipulated to create the impression of surrealist images in the photographs.

Surrealism in photography is mainly performed using the different techniques. The differential techniques of light and lenses can itself be the primary technique for surrealism. Photomontage is one of the popular processing techniques, in which the several images are coupled together. In photogram, a photographic paper can be used instead of camera to imprint the image. The images produced by the flush of light can create amazing images that has a surrealistic look.

Multiple exposure is another technique for surrealism, in which the camera is clicked twice or more, without rolling the negative. The second image will be superimposed on the first image and the final product will be an undefined mixture of both. Cliche verre or glass negative is the surrealistic technique that uses negative coated from glass plate. Anyhow, solarization or Sabattier effect seems to be the most remarkable technique for surrealism. It produces dramatic effect of patterns through the flushing of the light on the photograph, while developing in the darkroom. It was discovered by Lee MillerArticle Submission, which have selective reversal of highlights and shadows. The light and dark areas with the distinct line of reversal make it most appropriate for surrealism.

Surrealism in photography has progressed much from its primitive stages. The new technology and lenses offer immense opportunity to the new generation photographers to portray their mental emotions in the frame of cameras.

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Domen Lombergar is a surrealist artist who runs a surrealism portal trying to bring the idea of surrealism to the public.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Power Of Article Marketing: 5 Tips To Improve Your Article Writing

One thing for sure is that the power of article marketing remains constant whilst the internet moves forward at a remarkable pace. If you produce keyword rich articles you will not only receive traffic from the article directories but you will receive high page rankings from the search engines
which will result in free targeted traffic.

This article will provide you with five tips that are guaranteed to improve your article writing so that you can then experience the power of article marketing.

As with anything planning is important, so firstly start off by writing a long list of keywords for the niche that your online business is in. In order to build a list of quality keywords it will be necessary to spend time doing the research.

To put together a targeted list you can find keywords by using free keyword research tools available online such as Wordtracker and Google. The foundation for writing a good article is knowing what keywords to base your article on.

Now we move onto the second and extremely important step in article writing which is the title. The more you practice the better your titles will become. To get some ideas have a look at the titles of some of the articles in the article directories.

When you see article titles that really catch your eye and make you want to read more jot them down or open Notepad on your computer and create a list of titles that will give you inspiration for future use. Be sure to have your keywords in your title to attract the attention of the search engines and word it so no searcher can resist clicking on the title to read more.

Thirdly, your first paragraph of your article is of utmost importance. Today, people speed read as time is short and precious and so this is your chance to capture their attention. Keep the paragraph short, but power-pack it with words which will make them want to read your entire article.

Fourthly, you will reap the rewards of focusing on writing the best article you can. If necessary, take the time to do some research. Ensure that your article is precise and to the point rather than long and drawn out. Instead of being long-winded make good use of your words.

Lastly, there are thousands of article directories on the internet but do not waste your time trying to submit to them all. Rather choose the best ones with a high Page Rank to submit your articles to.

The top article directory on the internet is Ezine Articles and if you consistently just submitted your articles to them your article marketing results would improve. Alternatively, you could consider using an online article submission service such as Submit Your Article which includes the option of having your article submitted to 6 top article directories including Ezine Articles.

To sum up then, you will see improved article marketing results if you take action on these five tips. Focus on writing good quality articles and be selective where you submit them and you will harness the power of article marketing and benefit for a long time to come.

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Cynthia Minnaar runs her own Online Business Ideas website full-time from home. She invites you to visit her internet marketing training guide for more article marketing tips.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rock Your World with a Lifestyle Makeover

While most of us desire a better and brighter future, many don't apply the inner wisdom that can lead us to fulfilling life dreams. Either we're too busy, too closed-minded, or just too confused by all the philosophical hype.  The good news is that each one of us holds a positive blueprint for everyday living, and when you recognize how to strategically map out this essential guide, you are better prepared and mentally equipped to achieve your goals and lifelong dreams. 
When you're ready to accept and manifest your deepest desires, there is a lifestyle makeover program* that can aid you in your quest (*See "Lifestyle Makeover Program").  As a personal and evolutionary means to discovering your extraordinary life potential, you must first learn how to effectively use and apply your intuition in key areas of your life.  This is where having the appropriate mind map to tapping into your soul power can be extraordinarily beneficial. 
What does an effective lifestyle makeover program do for you?  When strategically designed,positive lifestyle changes will rapidly develop in your life.  Not only will you be able to properly design the outcome you want, but you will suddenly begin attracting personal and professional qualities that are necessary for fulfilling your life purpose.  In addition to acquiring the necessary traits and characteristics of a successful person, lifestyle makeover programs are intended to help you discover your potential for greatness and coincidentally, help to produce what you truly want out of life.
You, like so many other wealthy individuals, can achieve an extraordinary life by using your God-given intuition to your fullest benefit.  We all possess one of the most powerful soul tools on earth, and that is the power and wisdom of the Universal flow of energy. When you allow the Universal flow of energy to work in your life, you invite positive energy into your life.  This is essential in achieving your lifestyle makeover.
Remember, however, that a lifestyle makeover begins from the inside out.  What you feel within the core of your being is your authentic soul.  And when you allow your authentic soul to power your mind, body, and spirit, you are enabling the karmic rhythm of the Universe to work effectively in your life.  This is the first step to mapping out your blueprint for successful living.
As you develop and nurture your soul power for positive transformation, you prepare the way for the life you’ve always wanted.  With the proper lifestyle makeover program, you can boost your performance with higher and innovative levels of efficiency; manage and manifest your goals and visions; deepen and learn how to connect your dreams in everyday living; achieve clarity in your personal and professional life; and ultimately, gain financial freedom and prosperity in all aspects of life.
Other fundamental traits of a successful lifestyle makeover program include a number of powerful mental tools that can assist you in a variety of ways.  In addition to helping you define your priorities, your strategic plan for transformation will help you set the wheels in motion to design the lifestyle of your dreams. 
You can't rock your world if you don’t get the positive avalanche of energy moving in the right direction.  And that's why it’s so very important for you to follow your blueprint for living.  By developing your intuitive powers, you are one click away from achieving the lifestyle you want to lead.  The key is in the choices that you make -- the most powerful choice, to become the leader of your life. 
When you apply your innate blueprint for success and you've decided to lead your life, you will be well on your journey to removing emotional blockages from the past that would otherwise hinder you from achieving your life goals.  You, coupled with the Universal flow of energy, have the power to create an atmosphere of positive attraction.  As you open your mind, heart, and spirit to the endless possibilities that await you, you strengthen your core being and the authentic soul that drives your intuition, and compels you to greatness.

Until we speak again, I am

Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

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Rock Your World with a Lifestyle Makeover
By Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

Joan Marie is an Intuition Master, Business Intuitive Expert, an International Medium, Energy Healer and Past/ Present Life Regression Expert. By utilizing her special gifts, she teaches, inspires and shows people how to take responsibility for where they are today.
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Erotic Photography does not mean Pornography

Simply put erotic photography does not mean pornography.  I found this clip on YouTube and thought I would share it with everyone.

Doo Whop, soccer, and fun!

What a weekend, it was a long one for me.  My employer gives us Columbus day off.  Saturday started early, Matthew and I both had martial arts exams.  Both of us were promoted to 4th Gup (Brown Belt), we are now half-way to black belts.  After that we dashed to Matthew's soccer match, the Twisters were facing off against the Blue Pythons.  I had not planned on making it to the match and as a result did not have my normal set-up.  I still made a few images:

Not some of my best work but still a selection of images from the match.  Afterward we took off for the 2010 Charleston Doo Whop and Rod Run.  As usual their was an awesome selection of cars.  The kids had fun climbing the rock wall provided by the National Guard.  Between Saturday and Sunday morning at the show I made a few car images:

As a hinted, Sunday Morning Matthew and I headed back down to the Doo Whop.  This time it was for a different purpose.  The Brothers in the Cross were slated to perform that morning.  Matthew had agreed to go with me and help out.  After a little scouting I set him up center stage front row with my second body and a 18-200 lens.  While I took my main body and roamed the bowl with the 70-200mm sigma.  I plan to remix the show images with some of their music.  I will get this put togther tonight I hope.  Hope you all had a great weekend.  I did.