Friday, July 15, 2011

Stop...looking and start acting!

Seth Godin posted this awhile back:  "The problem with browsers is that they rarely buy anything."  He is spot on, then again when isn't he.  The folks who browse your website are just looking at the images.  If that is all you put them up thre for then you have succeeded.  If you put them up to sell them then you have most likely failed.  If I go shopping to buy a car and I tell the car sells person that "I'm just looking."  It is a sure sign that I'm just there to look over the models.  If however I say "I'd like to learn more about the (insert your favorite ride here), then it's likely I'm interested in actually dropping cash.

It's all in your intentions.  Are you just looking at a new car, a new camera, a new lens, a new educational goal or are you ready to make the jump.  Stop looking, start acting.