Friday, June 29, 2012

Driving in Style

Now this is interesting and I can see the value in it.  We may not have the jetson's flying cars but we are quickly reaching the point when features like this will become very common.  If one simply thinks back they can remember a time when automatic transmissions were an option you had to special order.  Now it is the other way around on most models.  Also the use of power windows and locks on nearly every vehicle model out there.  
Cadillac testing ‘Super Cruise’ feature for future cars |
Cadillac is reportedly joining the crowd working on features that it says should reduce car accidents by allowing the car to drive itself under optimal conditions, relieving the driver from fatigue, making road trips safer for the driver and passengers. Currently, Cadillac is already offering features that intercede on the driver’s behalf should the vehicle “sense” a dangerous situation. The new technology, which GM says likely will make it into showrooms by the middle of the decade, should make cars even safer by removing the hazard caused by human fatigue.