Thursday, June 21, 2012

The travles of Per-ja Ferra and Tovar Rendex

Last evening Jedi Padawan Ferra was working on Belsvis, the prison there was experiencing a small issue with its inmate population. Per-ja who was nearby responded to the request for aid. He had ulterior motives however his personal quest a search for the an ancient race called the Esh-Kah had also lead him to Belsavis. Through his work for the prison he was able to confirm the presence of the race he sought on the planet. According to the authorities they were a murderous lot intent on escaping the prison. Per-ja retained hope that he would be able to recruit their leaders into fighting on behalf of the Republic. This hope lead him to a bunker and a communications terminal. The defenses of the bunker was easy to slip past however the guardian droid at the computer terminal was another matter for the stalwart jedi. After several abortive attempts he elected to handle the droid head on but quickly realized assistance would be needed.

A request on the Remnants Communication network was quickly answered by his old friend Tovarr Rendex, a jedi Guardian. The pair of them made quick work of the droid but were later lured into a trap set by a sith Per-ja whom Per-ja believes is a child of the Emperor. The devious sith manipulate the prison records making it appear that Per-ja was a level 10 escapee. Whit the entire prison's automated defense on high alert Per-ja was forced to stop his search for the Esh-Kah leader. Fortunatly for him a mysterious stranger made contact and provided means of removing the security tag. The stranger also indicated that an Esh-kah leader, the Hollowed Voice, who might be sympathetic tot he need of the republic was present on the planet in the maximum security ward. Having already been to this area he knew the dangers but felt it was essential he continue his quest.

Tovaar's other duties required that he depart from his old friend but not before reminding him that he was just a holo-call away. Thus the sith's plot to stop the inquisitive jedi was foiled by Tovaar and the mysterious stranger.

 (Tovaar - I wish I had grabbed a close up of just you last night. If we can meet up again soon I will make one of just you. Thats what I get for thinking like a jedi and not a photographer.)