Monday, July 16, 2012

New Projects

IDeas come and ideas go but the good ones smack you in the back of the head like Gibbs does DiNonzzo on NCIS.  I sat down the other morning to do two quick things.  1 - find some interesting quotes to use for a series of posters I'd like to offer on the site. 2 - Finish the edits on my new book.
As is my habit I started working on the first one and quickly fell into a series of quotes I wanted to uses both on the posters and here on the site.  As I was looking at the target quotes I decided it would be a good idea to put in some photogrpher quotes as well.  That was when it hit me.  The idea for my next book.  I won't spill the beans yet as it will take me some time to gather the source materials togther but needless to say I am excited about it.
It always amazes me how ideas mingle and gel and new ones arrive.  Always...always let your mind out to never know where it might take you!