Sunday, July 8, 2012

The root of creativity grows in us all

I have come to firmly belive that creativity is very like a muscle.  The more you exercise it the stronger it becomes.  In the past few years my co-workers would look at my images and various other projects and call me a creative.  I would adamatly disagree with them over this.  Explaining that what I do is something that everyone can do.  
A former supervisor once looked at one of my images and remarked that I see the world differently.  Again I was sure that my eyes were the same as hers, if a little younger and a little more near sighted.  Yet people will visit my office door and examine the images I have taped there.
I came to accept that I was a photographer gradualy and over time. I once overheard my father describing my photography to a friend, I doubt that he even realized I heard him.  My Father, who started me down this photographic journey, said that I had taken photography far beyond what he had ever taught me.  It was high praise coming from him, someone who I respect behind the lens and for so many other reason.  It bolstered my confidence and affirmed to me my own growth behind the lens.
I encourage you to explore your own creativity.  I do so through my photography but often times that leads me into new and exciting directions.  Grow with it and allow it to change your point of view.  By becoming more creativity you change up the way you work and the way you think regularly.  You are forever finding new things and new ideas.