Friday, June 29, 2012

Driving in Style

Now this is interesting and I can see the value in it.  We may not have the jetson's flying cars but we are quickly reaching the point when features like this will become very common.  If one simply thinks back they can remember a time when automatic transmissions were an option you had to special order.  Now it is the other way around on most models.  Also the use of power windows and locks on nearly every vehicle model out there.  
Cadillac testing ‘Super Cruise’ feature for future cars |
Cadillac is reportedly joining the crowd working on features that it says should reduce car accidents by allowing the car to drive itself under optimal conditions, relieving the driver from fatigue, making road trips safer for the driver and passengers. Currently, Cadillac is already offering features that intercede on the driver’s behalf should the vehicle “sense” a dangerous situation. The new technology, which GM says likely will make it into showrooms by the middle of the decade, should make cars even safer by removing the hazard caused by human fatigue.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beverly + Dereck Joubert

Beverly + Dereck Joubert live in the bush, filming and photographing lions and leopards in their natural habitat. With stunning footage (some never before seen), they discuss their personal relationships with these majestic animals -- and their quest to save the big cats from human threats.
Documentary filmmakers Beverly and Dereck Joubert have worked to conserve wildlife for more than 25 years. As National Geographic Explorers in Residence, the couple influences public policy and perceptions.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A day at the zoo...


 A day at the zoo can be so fun. You get to watch tigers being feed, see baby elephants and most of all you get to spend time with the family. The sit of images featured here are from one of our family trips.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pink Flash

Hard to belive he is Middle school but he is.  I made this image while learning to photograph hurdlers at their sport.  Yes his hair is pink!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Why we must go out there...

 A few days back I posted a video concerning the space shuttle and I closed that post with a quote from Babylon 5. It only took me a short search and I turned up a video clip of that interview. You will find it above. I guess if there is any cause I feel really strongly about it is the one concerning space exploration. As a child I wanted to go out there, I wanted to fly alongside of the likes of Han Solo, Captain Kirk and the Doctor. I wanted to see far off worlds and strange new places. As an adult I will tell you right now if I was given the opportunity to help build the first colony on the moon or Mars I would accept. I feel we have to reach beyond our own little world. God gave us an inquisitive and inventive mind, it is our responsibility to see what is out there. Because if we do not, if we stay here and say that it is someone else problem then we are short changing ourselves and our descendants. One day this will all be gone, burnt to a cinder in the expanding sun. If you are religious and want proof of this, read your scripture. God promised that he would never again flood the world as he did in the days of Noah but instead the next time he would use fire. I have come to believe that this fire is the same one that Sinclair is speaking of. Scientist tell us that our sun will become a Red Giant, and if it does not consume the Earth it will come so close that all life here will cease to exist. If we as a race do not leave this world before that happens it will all be lost. I for one am not willing to allow all that we have built and created to become nothing more than cosmic dust.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Snowy Drive

I made this click while I was driving to work one icy morning.  I checked the rear view and it was empty. Stopping the car I grabbed the camera and made a few clicks before continuing on.  Not a soul was on the road but me.  The snow covered trees just grabbed at me.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Ant Photography!?!

I am the first persont o tell you that amazing things can happen when you put a camera into a persons hands.  For me it is in capturing the efort and motion in sports, or the beauty of nature.  For Andrey Pavlov it is getting up close and personal lives of ants.  Yes I said ants.  The following images are his work, and no the ants are not photoshoped.  Posed yes but not photoshoped.
These are simply amazing examples of creativity and photography.  You can find more of his work at:

Image by Andrey Pavlov

Image by Andrey Pavlov

Image by Andrey Pavlov

Image by Andrey Pavlov

Image by Andrey Pavlov

Image by Andrey Pavlov

Image by Andrey Pavlov

Image by Andrey Pavlov

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Teach Yourself Photography - Landscape Photography

I never really thought of myself as a landscape photographer until a few years ago.  When I travel I often find scenery that speaks to me and it is not an uncommon event for me to stop the vehicle and jump out with my camera.  A while back on of our friends was traveling with us and was shocked when I just suddenly asked Shannon to turn around.  Shannon of course did not miss a beat as I told her where to go back to and she found a place to wheel the truck around for me.  She explained to our friend while I was out shooting the field that contained a barn.
When you shoot landscape you want as much of the image as you can get in focus.  I typically shoot with an f-stop of 16 or higher. Which translates into a long exposure time and that means a tripod.  Mount your camera and get it steady.  Then frame the shot, press the button and wait.  It’s really that easy.  If you’re not sure how to set the f-stop on your camera it is done in the aperture priority more or manual mode and your cameras manual can help you.  If you’re not comfortable setting this yourself then use the landscape mode of your camera, the icon usually looks like mountains with a sun.
You don't always have to travel far to find beautiful landscapes.  The image above was taken in my own back yard.

The travles of Per-ja Ferra and Tovar Rendex

Last evening Jedi Padawan Ferra was working on Belsvis, the prison there was experiencing a small issue with its inmate population. Per-ja who was nearby responded to the request for aid. He had ulterior motives however his personal quest a search for the an ancient race called the Esh-Kah had also lead him to Belsavis. Through his work for the prison he was able to confirm the presence of the race he sought on the planet. According to the authorities they were a murderous lot intent on escaping the prison. Per-ja retained hope that he would be able to recruit their leaders into fighting on behalf of the Republic. This hope lead him to a bunker and a communications terminal. The defenses of the bunker was easy to slip past however the guardian droid at the computer terminal was another matter for the stalwart jedi. After several abortive attempts he elected to handle the droid head on but quickly realized assistance would be needed.

A request on the Remnants Communication network was quickly answered by his old friend Tovarr Rendex, a jedi Guardian. The pair of them made quick work of the droid but were later lured into a trap set by a sith Per-ja whom Per-ja believes is a child of the Emperor. The devious sith manipulate the prison records making it appear that Per-ja was a level 10 escapee. Whit the entire prison's automated defense on high alert Per-ja was forced to stop his search for the Esh-Kah leader. Fortunatly for him a mysterious stranger made contact and provided means of removing the security tag. The stranger also indicated that an Esh-kah leader, the Hollowed Voice, who might be sympathetic tot he need of the republic was present on the planet in the maximum security ward. Having already been to this area he knew the dangers but felt it was essential he continue his quest.

Tovaar's other duties required that he depart from his old friend but not before reminding him that he was just a holo-call away. Thus the sith's plot to stop the inquisitive jedi was foiled by Tovaar and the mysterious stranger.

 (Tovaar - I wish I had grabbed a close up of just you last night. If we can meet up again soon I will make one of just you. Thats what I get for thinking like a jedi and not a photographer.)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

West Virginia Day

Stained glass representation of the Great Seal of West Virginia on
display at the West Virginia Cultural Center on the state capitol complex in
Charleston, WV

During the Civil War, the Virginia General Assembly in Richmond chose to join the Confederate States of America, much to the chagrin of some of the leaders in the trans-Allegheny region of the state. These leaders gradually pushed for the creation of a new state. After two years of legal maneuvering, West Virginia was formally admitted to the United States of America on June 20, 1863.
June 20 had been informally celebrated across West Virginia over the next six decades until the West Virginia Legislature gave the holiday formal recognition in 1927. The day has traditionally been celebrated with festivities at the state capitol complex in Charleston and at other locations across the state.

WV state Capitol just before a storm.
The image to the left is of the West Virginia State Capitol and is one of the images I am featuring in a book I am currently working on.  If you have not had cause to visit my home state I would like to invite you to check it out.  We have some of the best hiking, fishing, camping and white water rafting on the east coast.  Not to mention the people are just down right friendly here.  If your a photographer I'd be more than happy to show you some of the local spots for photography or to give you a tour of the capitol grounds or many of our state parks.

Hope to see you soon!  BTW - as an employee of the state its a holiday for me, but if you read yesterdays post you already know I'm not home anyway!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Good day my you are aware I have resumed using this blog as my home.  In that stead I have made a number of renovations to the site this morning.  Giving it a complete face lift.  I hope you enjoy it.  The theme was the creation of PB Templates and downloaded for free from their site.  I find I like the feel of the blog.  In the coming days I will add some links to a few sites I currently uses but for all intents and purposes the renovations are done.

Primetime Mystery

I have to say this does not surprise me.  My family watches our favorite shows via the DVR.  The practice started for us when we were very busy, now we will often notice the DVR recording one of our shows and start it from the beginning a half hour after it started.  This way we can fast forward through the commercials.  Both M and A started watching the Walking Dead with me but we are not watching the current season, we are viewing the first season via Netflix, no commercials.
Primetime Mystery: Where Did All the TV Viewers Go?
Here’s the wow-quote of the day, from Jeff Gaspin, the head of entertainment at NBC, explaining to The New York Times, with remarkable clarity and certainty, that watching TV shows on-demand is more satisfying than watching them live.
“The commercials broke the tension … I hate to say this to the AMC executives and everybody else in the business, but I will never watch ‘Walking Dead’ live again.”
Is that a gaffe? A truism? Either way, it’s right. Fewer people are watching the networks live because viewers have found better television and/or better ways to watch it. Live ratings have declined for 14 straight quarters across the networks. Meanwhile, NBC is getting regularly smacked around by ABC, CBS, and Fox. It’s barely outperformed Univision when you take out sports, according to TV by the Numbers.
But the latest news — that the networks are facing the mother of all spring swoons — is a short-term acceleration of a long-term trend. The networks’ share of primetime TV audience (dark blue in the graph below) has declined from 45% in 1985 to 25% in 2009. Basic cable ate the networks’ lunchpost-dinner audience, and now it’s technology’s turn gobble up what’s left.
Even with this long trend line (and despite the fact that viewers often unplug in the spring), there is a sense that we’ve reached a tipping point thanks to what Gaspin calls “built-up libraries.” There is more good stuff to watch not-on-live-TV than on live-TV, and even the head of entertainment at NBC knows it.
Read more.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Back in business!!!!!

All of the arrangement's were made this morning.,..everything is green lighted... Houston we are a go!  All that we have to do now is wait on the DNS servers to pick up on the change.  Starting tomorrow this blog will resume normal broadcast and with luck I will have the renovations to the blog completed tomorrow as well.  Join in the fun and photography.  Give me your thoughts, share your ideas.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Carnegi Science Center

The same trip to Pittsburgh that allowed us to visit the Carnegie Mellon Museum of Natural History also saw us spend the night at the Carnegie Science Center. That's right a night at the museum . Well the exhibits didn't come to life but that didn't stop the fun!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Headed Back Home!!!

A few months back I moved the blog form here on blogger, its long time home, to a different service.  Te reasoning for this was that many of the features it offered I liked and I felt it would enhance my blog overall.  However I have discovered that while I liked the new home I did not need or use the features there.  Therefore I have elected to move the blog back home.

That's right folks I will resume blogging here on blogger in the coming month.  I am busily transferring all the planned blog posts back to this service and making updates to the template.  Hope to hear from you in the comment section...